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of May

SaaStanak MK: SaaS from Macedonia

​Join us for a special first edition of SaaStanak MK: SaaS from Macedonia, hosted by Infinum, at their office space in Nastel City centre.



of May

SaaStanak #14: Agency to SaaS

​Join us for a special edition of SaaStanak #14: Agency to SaaS, hosted by Leapwise, at the iconic Tvornica kulture (Mali pogon) in Zagreb!


of April

Belgrade Revenue Day 2

Experience the future of SaaS sales, April 18th, 2024!

Calling all SaaS Founders, Operators, and VCs – if you’re keen to connect with and learn from industry experts in Sales, don’t miss Revenue Day 2 in Belgrade, happening in Tenderly on April 18th, 2024 📅


of March

SaaStanak #13: Selling SaaS

SaaStanak #13 will explore the theme of “Selling SaaS” highlighting the intricacies of product-led growth and enterprise sales. We’ll dive into strategies, best practices, and real-world insights into navigating the evolving landscape of SaaS sales.



of June

SaaStanak 2024

SaaStanak 2024, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) conference for founders and CXOs navigating the journey from $0-10M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), is set to take place on June 11th and 12th in an amazing venue, Peti Kupe, in Zagreb.



of February

SaaStanak #12: Churn and burn

​Join us at SaaStanak #12 @ Syskit: “Churn and Burn,” where we’ll dive into the crucial domain of customer success management, exploring its pivotal role in propelling company growth and ensuring lasting client satisfaction.


of November

SaaStanak #11: “AI in SaaS”

AI is already heavily used in B2B SaaS, and SaaStanak #11 will dive into practical use cases of ChatGPT and other AI tools by our homemade SaaS and Data/AI companies.


of October

SaaStanak #10: Customer-led Growth

At SaaStanak #10 we’ll explore how to leverage customer feedback to inform Product decisions, accelerate growth and help create features your customers love using.


of September

SaaStanak #9: “The A-Team”

Join us at SaaStanak #9: “The A-Team,” where we’ll plunge into the exciting world of attracting top-notch talent, keeping your star players engaged, and nurturing a dynamic company culture that thrives as your business expands.


of June

SaaStanak #8: Product Market Fit

Introducing Saastanak #8: Product Market Fit, a captivating panel discussion featuring industry experts Ivor Bihar (Chief Operating Officer @ Determ), and Marko Mišulić (Founder/CEO of Rentlio) moderated by Vedran Blagus (Principal @ South Central Ventures).


of June

SaaStanak Revenue Day

​Local SaaS communities SaaStanak & Garaža partnered with Tenderly, ChartMogul and Point 9 Ventures to bring you international founders & experts sharing their ideas & playbooks live in Belgrade on June 1st. ​Revenue Day is designed to explore the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in sales and revenue optimization.


of May

SaaStanak #7: Metrics that Matter

We’re meeting @ Infobip on May 18th talking about “Driving Success in the Subscription Economy: Metrics that Matter”!
​Partnering with Infobip team we have a packed hour ahead of us and a fun hangout afterwards.


of March

SaaStanak #6 – Importance of Cross-functional collaboration @ Treblle, Zagreb

SaaStanak is back in person! We’re hanging out @ Treblle offices in Zagreb and the topic of this meetup is “The importance of cross-functional collaboration in SaaS”
​Together with our partner Treblle, we’re bringing you some of the best and brightest Product Marketers in our industry.

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