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SaaStanak #9: “The A-Team”





18:00 to


Jenz, Reljkovićeva ulica, Zagreb, Croatia

About Event

Join us at SaaStanak #9: “The A-Team,” where we’ll plunge into the exciting world of attracting top-notch talent, keeping your star players engaged, and nurturing a dynamic company culture that thrives as your business expands.

​Panel will be held in Croatian. Regardless, if you’re keen to network at the event please don’t hesitate to come as we’re always open to chat in English & other languages!


​Marko Kučić, Co-Founder, Jenz

​Tomislav Grubišić, CEO, Bornfight

​Jasmina Puškarić, Head of People and Culture, Lemax

​Marko Kučić, the Co-Founder of Jenz, a trailblazing Employee Engagement SaaS platform, will unveil a real-world case study showcasing the profound impact of a strong company culture on organizational success.

​Meanwhile, Jasmina Puškarić will offer a unique perspective from the frontlines of HR leadership in the SaaS industry, while Tomislav Grubišić will bolster our insights with compelling data drawn from the extensive research conducted by his accomplished team at


​Ana Butara, PMM, Infobip


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