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About SaaStanak

SaaStanak started in 2021 as a small community of SaaS enthusiasts in Zagreb but eventually grew to be represented in 6 countries and 10 cities in Southeast Europe. Our team is made up of SaaS professionals looking to create a friendly space for SaaS folks to come together, learn and inspire each other as we grow as an industry.

About SaaStanak team

Leonard Eldić

Founder of SaaStanak passionate about SaaS industry and Sales. With over 8 years of experience selling Software, Leo dedicates his time helping Founders & SaaS operators meet other folks and exchange ideas creating a community that “feels like home”.

Igor Kranjčec

Igor is a marketing strategist and leader with a heartfelt passion for the tech industry. With over ten years of experience in IT marketing, Igor tackles go-to-market strategies and global SaaS product launches with precision and acumen, consistently aiming for measurable outcomes that drive individuals and organizations forward. He’s the VP of Marketing at Farseer, where his expertise and vision play a pivotal role in shaping marketing strategy and promoting products. Outside the office, Igor finds joy in the simple pleasures of baking cakes and the companionship of his dog.

Emily Nović

Emily is a Social media savant, hyper focused on getting the right message out there. She’s leading SaaStanak’s Social pages & Media department where she leverages her skills as a trained Journalist and a Social Media expert.

Tina Horvat

Tina, a curious and energetic optimist, loves bringing IT solutions and products to those in need. Her motivation stems from people, their life stories and interesting career paths. With a lively attitude and a great deal of independence, she brings to life anything she wishes. 

Aleksandra Jovanović

Aleksandra brings a vast background in business development and sales, all from years of experience working in the service and software industries as a BD and Partnerships Manager. Known for her strong client relationships and forward-thinking approach, Aleksandra is all set to bring fresh ideas, partnering with SaaStanak to spearhead the organization of events in Belgrade.

Anastas Petrovski Shuli

Anastas is a tech geek that enjoys being around people that speak the language of startups and SaaS. He took part in the formation of the earliest SaaS gatherings in the Adriatic region, and now he plans to mobilize his local community to do the same as part of SaaStanak.

Milena Milić

Milena leads the Garaža Founder community, partnering with SaaStanak in organizing Belgrade events. Her extensive experience in marketing & community-building in SaaS and other ecosystems makes her a perfect person to connect for both experienced and beginner entrepreneurs in Tech.

Josip Turk

Josip is a Business Dev Rep and a student of the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. Josip is passionate about SaaS and startups, eager to meet and learn from the best SaaS Founders and Operators out there while facilitating partnerships with SaaS startups, Media, VC and other actors in the ecosystem.

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